Much-loved community care provider, Meals on Wheels NSW, collaborated with master pastry chef, Christopher Thé (Hearthe), to create a very special brain-friendly cake, using ingredients that could improve cognition while highlighting the widespread issue of cognitive decline amongst senior Australians.

Incorporating a variety of foods that are widely believed to be brain-boosting, such as beetroot, spinach, turmeric, olive oil and blueberries, as well as a range of native ingredients selected by Thé, “The Unforgettable Cake” delivered a balanced combination of flavour, texture and nutrition.

Importantly, the cake also recognised the 70th anniversary of Meals on Wheels in Australia, and was developed in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading nutrition and brain health experts.

Drawing on its communications experience across the hospitality and not-for-profit sectors, Biased was brought onboard to amplify the earned media component of the Unforgettable Cake campaign.

The campaign achieved strong local and national media coverage, spanning TV, radio, print, social and online, with over 100 pieces of coverage reaching more than 50 million eyeballs. From a longer-term perspective, the campaign also generated over 300 new donors and 50 volunteer applications for Meals on Wheels, while significantly increasing website visitation, ultimately supporting members and raising awareness about this vital not-for-profit organisation. 

Creative Agency  Common Ventures
Photography Alicia Taylor & Owen Rodgers

The Unforgettable Cake


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