Landcom is responsible for improving the supply, diversity, and affordability of new housing across New South Wales. This essential role allows the organisation to deliver sustainable, masterplanned communities in areas facing housing shortages, making a positive and lasting difference in people’s lives.

Since 2021, Landcom has relied on the Biased team for a range of core marketing and communications activities, commencing with a campaign to celebrate the organisation’s 45th anniversary year. Achieving significant success, Biased was then further engaged to manage Landcom’s corporate social media channels – including social strategy, content ideation and copywriting – to help the organisation effectively communicate with its core B2B and B2C audiences.

Beyond the day-to-day, Biased is responsible for ideating and producing Landcom’s Local Voices video series, its Homegrown industry newsletter, and has been engaged on a project basis for major corporate initiatives such as the revamped Landcom website, and the organisation’s Wikipedia page.

“Our collaboration with the Biased team over the past four years to build a strategic, engaging and consistent social media brand presence has been a truly rewarding experience. The Biased team has crafted a social media strategy that resonates with our diverse key audiences and stakeholders across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I rely on their knowledge of the platform algorithms to know how to make our corporate and project messages shine. They have seamlessly integrated with several Landcom teams to create engaging content, manage our content calendar and moderate our audiences to support Landcom’s ambition to make a bigger difference.” – Andrew Mossie, former Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, Landcom
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