Chill your martini glasses, a brand new, premium grape-based Australian vodka has arrived, and it’s set to shake up the spirits sector. Mother of Pearl Vodka has officially launched on shelves and behind bars in Australia and soon to be poured in international hotels and airline lounges around the globe.

While most vodkas are distilled from grain, corn and primarily starch-like potatoes, Mother of Pearl Vodka is distilled from premium Australian Pinot Gris grapes from Victoria’s world-class Mornington Peninsula and South Australia’s Limestone Coast. The grapes are picked late off the vine and distilled through a mature multi-level process with a unique filtration process that creates less heat on the palate, resulting in a smooth neutral base and a subtle creaminess, much like a pearl.

The brainchild of Australian entrepreneurs Nic Hancock and Nicola Thompson-Hancock, Mother of Pearl Vodka has been created and considered down to the very last detail.

Biased launched Mother of Pearl Vodka to market through a considered and targeted earned media campaign to ensure the product landed in the hands of the right tastemakers.


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